White Label Agreement Plc

A white-label solution agreement defines the supplier`s obligations, including the development of the solution, the service level agreement promised by the supplier and the supplier`s guarantees and disclaimers. You must use a WhiteLabel or provide your own brand for White Label Reseller services and use the generic URL (websiteauditserver.com) as an access URL for resold accounts. White-label production is often used for mass generics such as electronics,[3] consumer products and software[4] such as DVD players, televisions and web applications. Some companies maintain a sub-brand for their products, for example the same DVD player model can be sold by Dixons as Saisho and by Currys as Matsui, which are brands exclusively used by these companies. [5] A white label solution agreement defines the conditions under which a saaS (Software-as-a-Service) supplier and a customer work together to offer a white label solution. Most supermarket-branded products are supplied by companies that sell to several supermarkets and only change labels. In addition, some manufacturers create low-cost generic labels that only bear the name of the product („beer,” „Cola,” etc.). Richelieu Foods, for example, is a privately labeled food manufacturer, frozen pizza, dressing, sauces, marinades, spices and spice salads for other companies, including Hy-Vee, Aldi, Save-A-Lot, Sam`s Club[6] Hannaford Brothers Co.,[7] BJ`s Wholesale Club (Earth`s Brand Pride) and Shaw`s Supermarets (Circle). [7] Small banks sometimes strip their credit cards or check processing operations to the large banks that issue and process credit cards as white-label cards, usually for a fee, so that the smallest bank can mark cards like their own without having to invest in the necessary infrastructure. Cuscal Limited offers, for example, white-label cards and transaction products for credit unions in Australia. Simple (formerly BankSimple) issues bank accounts and debit cards operated by Bancorp Bank and BBVA Compass in the United States. [8] Many software companies offer white-label software for agencies or other customers, including the ability to resell the software under the customer`s brand name. This usually requires features such as adapting the visual appearance of the software, multi-customer management and automatic billing to end-customers based on usage settings.

Another use of white labels began during the disco era on commercial copies of vinyl records. Before the records were made available to the public, often before the official artworks were designed and printed, promotional copies were sent up a white sleeve to DJs to request radio and nightclub games, create hype and measure the public interest of record labels, to finally better appreciate production volumes. The result was a situation where some well-known or connected DJs would have exclusive copies of the material, which immediately increased the demand for some large records. [9] Whether it`s a manufacturer or a reseller, it`s important to have this agreement to secure your business transactions. A white-label product is a product or service manufactured by a company (the manufacturer) renamed by other companies (distributors) to make it look like they did it. [1] [2] The name derives from the image of a white label on the packaging that can be filled with the distributor`s commercial outfit.

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