What Is Non Solicit Agreement

The first thing the lawyer will do is try to get a preliminary or permanent injunction from a court to prevent the person from continuing to advertise. This prevents the author from causing further damage during the trial. You also need to protect yourself by observing what you sign before, during, and after work. If you have contacts before you start a job, you need to make sure that they don`t count in a non-solicitation agreement. You should also notify your employer of other restrictive agreements you have signed. In turn, your employer`s customer list should never leave the workplace. Ultimately, you need to remember that if a company gives you strict solicitation and non-compete agreements, they mostly hope that you won`t try to question them. After all, knowledge is power, so learn your rights. A restrictive agreement can prevent a former employee from poaching customers by not even allowing that former employee to contact customers on the list. If you believe you have a dispute regarding a non-solicitation agreement, please contact one of our lawyers. Benjamin Steffans has represented employees in many industries to challenge the applicability of their non-compete and advertising agreements with former employers, including: a recruiter, numerous sales representatives, IT staff, and a director of marketing and brand relations. If you are a Massachusetts employee who has questions about the applicability of a non-solicitation agreement, contact us today.

This does not mean that any difficulty imposed on a former employee by a non-solicitation agreement is inappropriate or would render the restrictive agreement unenforceable. The courts have upheld the validity of non-solicitation agreements that cause a former employee to move to another city or state to work in the same area and avoid violations of the agreement. However, each case revolves around the specific circumstances that exist in that situation…

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