Travel Baseball Player Agreement

12. I will take the training wires seriously as an opportunity to become the best player I can be. Exercise is my time to polish my tools, while play is my time to shine. Multi-team training sessions – Teams have the advantage of training and training with other teams (same age group, high/low age group) in order to improve play situations with additional coaches available for player development. It also offers built-in controlled games to speed up player development. Discipline is imposed to encourage players to take responsibility for the team and baseball nation/TCA. Disciplinary measures are set by Baseball Nation/TCA management, age coordinators and coaches. Discipline depends on the age and class of the players, the seriousness of the behavior, the number of times the player verifies and the overall impact he will have on the team. 5. I will treat all opposing players, coaches and fans with respect. The only difference between us is that they shoot for the other side. The nation/TCA baseball staff is 100% dedicated to the proper development of your child. We are interested in investing more than one season with each athlete and we will teach them how to develop the skills needed to get through each level.

Athletes will be able to perform any ability with consistency and self-confidence. Our goal is to provide young baseball players with an entertaining and safe environment in which they can play and grow. We strive to bring high school players into a university program that matches both their skills and academic level. Many of our players have joined college and/or professional baseball. 7. I will win with class and I will lose with grace. The true character of a player is manifested by the fact that he manages both win and lose with similar thought and appreciation. We, as parents (or legal guardians) and the player, and we agree that the player will dress as follows; a) the jerseys must be cashed in at all times when you get out of the car and go to the field; (b) the caps must be worn straight, not upside down or on the side; (c) The trousers must either be pulled to the knee or worn to the shoe, but not under the shoe. (d) Players are responsible for their own uniforms, NOT PARENTS, so if a player misses a piece of their uniform, they will not participate in that game. I understand that failure to comply with the dress code may prevent the player from starting or playing in the next game. Off Campus PE „Skool of Baseball” – Baseball Nation / TCA will organize an OCPE program at the TCA for grades 6-8. Students will endure 3 days a week very intensive training work.

Activities include strength and fitness, speed and mobility, dynamic mobility, and injury prevention exercises. Students also have one hour of baseball-skill work 5 days a week. This program is tailored to the OCPE curriculum of the surrounding school districts. DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: Fees must be paid in order for your player to participate. Accounts that are a week late will receive a friendly souvenir to catch up. Players who have accounts that are 2 weeks late can no longer participate and must pay player contract fees and late credits to join the organization. 18. I understand that my grades at school and behavior at home and outside of baseball may influence my position on the team. . . .

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